Brief Overview Of One Plasma Beam Lighter You Could Be Using

It does not matter whether you have been shopping for an electric or plasma lighter before, or anything else of need which you know you will find on the internet, it can become a little confusing or even tiresome sometimes. Perhaps you are inundated with far too many choices. Because most of the time glowing reviews are been given, it becomes difficult to make a final decision as to which plasma beam lighter or electronic lighter to purchase.

So, to ease (potential) new users into their online reading, let this article proceed with one plasma beam product. This is the Untivo. It is decorative and stylish, and it is affordable. It has been designed as a dual-arc device. What this means is that the lighter will be providing its user with as strong a plasma arc as possible. This empowers the user to be able to light up pretty much anything under all conditions. It must be pointed out, however, that this plasma beam lighter cannot be used to light a tobacco pipe because the pipe still requires a flame.

Form and function is always important. But in the case of cigarette lighters, aesthetics are too. In this case, the Untivo is elegantly patterned in gold. It is coincidentally shaped like the famous Zippo lighter (which operates on gas). Whether this is necessary or not could be beside the point, but a top that flips open is also installed to the Untivo. But because there is no gas flame, there is no thumbwheel, not always easy to flick in any case. Instead, a gold mechanism with black poles is present.

A gold button is pressed to generate the beam lighter’s dual crossing arcs of electricity between its posts. And all it takes for the cigarette smoker is just a touch to the streams to light up and start inhaling. The lighter is, let’s just say; lightweight. This is good for ease of use and convenient pocket storage for when not being used. Up to two hundred sparks of light are possible from this lightweight device, assuming even that the user is a regular smoker.

Regular smokers should know that a regular recharge may only be necessary after five packs of cigarettes have been smoked. This should be equivalent to about one charge per week. Charging is done through the use of a USB cord inserted to the lighter and installed to any USB port. It is a far cry better than the manual and messy practice of having to fill a gas lighter with liquid fuel. The Untivo has been packaged for purchase in a gift box.

plasma beam lighter

No gift-wrapping is required. Its presentation, therefore, makes this lighter more than ideal as a gift presentation to someone special who just happens to be a regular smoker. It has aesthetic appeal. This is what the smoking experience is all about. A few moments of luxury to pause for thought.